Looking Back at Hurricane Camille's Horrific Flooding

Images courtesy: Library of Virginia

Nelson Co., VA - ABC 13's Jamey Singleton spoke with then Sheriff Whitehead of Nelson County back in 2003 about that devastating night in August of 1969.

Whitehead said then that on the evening of August 19, the tropical rains were unlike anything he had ever seen or heard.

The horrifying sound made it hard to hear anything that night, he said. Whitehead had several empty 155 gallon drums that were filled completely by the torrential rains that night at his farm.

Entire roads and homes were simply washed away.

It's estimated that 27 inches of rain in Nelson County from Camille, most of which fell in just six to twelve hours. Lynchburg even picked up 10 inches of rain from Camille.

Entire sides of mountains slid down into the raging floodwaters, killing over near 160 people in Nelson County.

Many bodies were never recovered, presumably buried in the mud.

For a complete look at the pictures from the aftermath of Camille's flooding from the Library of Virginia, click here.