Longwood Joins the Big South

The Longwood Lancers are "Going Big" in 2012, joining the Big South Conference.

The University made the announcement Monday and it was a momentous occasion and a move that was definitely a long time coming. "It it is my pleasure to announce that the Big South Conference has extended an invitation to your President and to Longwood University to join the Big South Conference as soon as possible," Big South President Penelope Kyle exclaimed.

Longwood began its transition from Division 2 to Division 1 in 2003. They completed that transition in 2007 and five years later they have found a home with the Big South after competing as an independent.

Athletic Director Troy Austin said, "As President (Patrick) Finnegan said it solidifies the whole move to Division One. It's a driving force for us. While we have done a good job in winning some games, it really doesn't come together without the opportunity for postseason play."
Men's basketball coach Mike Gillian added, "When I came here in May of 2003 this was the target. That being said, if some other opportunity came forward, this is what you play for, you want to be in a league, postseason opportunities, all those other things everybody understands but the Big South is the perfect fit."
The conference now has four schools in each - Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina and the move will dramatically decrease the travel time for Longwood's teams. Right now they're traveling all over the country to play.