Longtime Columnist Set to Retire

Lynchburg, VA - There's a saying in the media world that a messy desk is the sign of a good journalist. Darrell Laurant will surely be missed.

For the last 32 years, the News & Advance columnist has made a living off his father's advice: No matter how horrible something is or how embarrassing, in five years it will be funny.

This Sunday, his final column will run in the paper. The 66-year-old says he decided to retire to make time for other writing projects.

"There comes a point where you get tired of hearing from your eccentric uncle," Laurant said, referring to his role as columnist.

The News & Advance's managing editor calls him the heart and soul of the paper.

"No matter what he was writing, when I asked him to do it, it was gonna come in when it needed to. And it was always gonna be good enough to put on the front page," said Caroline Glickman.

"Having the privilege to have a forum like that is something you take very seriously," Laurant added.

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