Longest Homicide-Free Streak In Danville In a Decade

Danville, VA - It has been a decade since Danville has had a streak like this one. The last homicide in the city was November 9, 2013. It's been more than six months since Danville has had a murder.The last time the city has come close to this long ended in 2004, after going exactly six months homicide-free. Many people say knowing the city has gone this long without a homicide makes them feel a whole lot better.Anthony Gonzalez's neighborhood has a story to tell."A young lady lost her life over nonsense," said Gonzalez. Gonzalez will never forget how he felt in 2011, hearing about a homicide just across the street from his house."Worried because I have 3 boys of my own," said Gonzalez. But since then, he says the neighborhood has been a lot quieter."It makes me feel like I can breathe a little easier living as a civilian out here," said Gonzalez. Police are breathing easier too, after going six months murder free. Captain Dennis Haley tells us there is no way to know for sure if the streak can be attributed to police activity or simply luck."We would like to think it is because of the effective policies we've implemented," said Haley. Haley says they have been increasing patrol, strategically working with the street crimes unit, and doing their best to keep violent offenders behind bars."We've particularly targeted the areas that most of the homicides in the past have taken place in," said Haley. Haley also says aggressive prosecution could be contributing."We want to keep the streak going, we want to go as long as we possibly can. We don't want anyone killed," said Haley. Gonzalez says no matter the reason, he's just happy to see the numbers down."It makes me feel like police protection has been getting a little bit better and they've been stepping up their game and I'm feeling a little safer," said Gonzalez.Haley also tells us that so far this year, rape, robbery and aggravated assaults are slightly down from this time last year.