Lockn Improvements Ease Traffic on First Day of Festival

Nelson County, VA -{}Lockn' is attracting thousands of festival goers to Nelson County for its second year. The four-day event kicked off Thursday morning. Last year, many drivers were complaining they were Locked In at Lockn'.{} But thanks to major improvements made by Lockn' officials, festival goers say this line moved faster than they expected. There is no shortage of tie dye in Nelson County as festival goers are back for the Lockn' music festival. "WiWidespreadanic!" shouted a Lockn attendee. Some drove upwards of 10 hours to see their favorite artists. Zack Volkers and his friends left Grand Rapids, Michigan for Lockn' Wednesday night. "It took us about 16 hours, we left at 8 o'clock last night" said Zack Volkers. He says they would've gotten to the festival sooner, but once they reached West Virginia their car broke down. "AAA towed us 100 miles down the road to a town we could bring it to a shop.. rent a car..*taps van and now we're here" said Volkers. But Volkers and his friends weren't past the gates just yet. Many people got out of their cars as they waited to get past the security checkpoint. But so far, they're seeing an improvement over last year. "So far it seems a lot more organized.{} Last year it was kinda like everybody just showed up and didn't know where to go" said Alex Field. Lockn' founders say the new 385-acre farm they purchased for this year's event has created an additional entrance. They also opened the gate three hours earlier this year. "I figured last year was the first time. They have to work the bugs out" said Field.