Lockn' Festival Working With Church to Offer Soberlockn' Alternatives

Nelson Co., VA- Often, the phrase Rock and Roll has gone hand in hand with terms like risque behavior or outlandish acts. But organizers of Nelson County's Lockn' Festival are making sure their event has some offerings for the more reserved music lovers.

They're calling these alternatives, Soberlockn', and it's basically what it sounds like. They are sober events that are more family oriented.

Lockn' Festival organizers have actually enlisted the help of a nearby church with these events. It's a small church, but it has very big plans.

"There will be a lot of Rock 'n Roll, there will be some mischievousness. We fully expect there to be a lot of people there having fun. But there are ways to have fun and be here as well," said Priest Mark Furlow of Trinity Episcopal Church.

Trinity is a place of peace, right across the street from a massive music festival. Next week, the church will be in the center of party central. But festival organizers have a plan for Trinity.

"I just walked right up to the church, I knocked on the door, introduced myself, sat down with Reverend Mark, and we spoke for about 15 minutes and hit if off right away," said Dave Frey, Lockn' Festival Organizer.

Priest Furlow says, among the thousands expected at the event, he and his 30 some church members wanted to be a part of Lockn' from the start.

"We don't need to be the church cowering in the corner afraid of rock 'n rollers. That's not who we are. We're a church that's lively, active, we care about local people. We care about guests that are coming our way from across the country," said Furlow.

So, in addition to Soberlockn' meetings twice a day, the church will host morning prayers, a Sunday communion, and even offer trips to the Tye River in exchange for a donation to their outreach programs.

"He saw this constructively as a huge opportunity, which I think it is also, to give the church a real place at the show, something where they belong," said Frey.

"It's a multi-faceted collaboration. But from my perspective, we're just doing church," said Furlow.

Frey says if you're interested in their Soberlockn' activities, just look for the yellow balloons. There will be a separate sober campground for attendees as well.