Locals Working to Restore Danville Pedestrian Bridge

Danville, VA - The old pedestrian bridge in Danville needs work and folks who live in the city have come up with some ideas on how to improve it.

Interns at Danville Regional Foundation are working on a project this summer called the Span the Dan Movement.

They're going to redesign the bridge that links the White Mill building to the new YMCA site.

Interns set up different stations so folks could write or draw how they would like the bridge to look, or even build an example using Legos.

"I mean in the end it's Danville's project, it's for the people so it should really be designed by the people and they should have as much input as possible because in the end, it's not going to be us who are around every day to use this project, it's going to be all of them, so we want something that they can be proud of and they can be invested in," said Danville Regional Foundation Intern Amanda Schlichting."

The interns say most people want the bridge to be turned into a social gathering place with benches and food, among other things.