Locals React to Government Shutdown, Give Congress Criticism

Lynchburg, VA - New numbers are proving the shutdown is wreaking havoc on congress' approval rating.

A CNN/ORC poll shows a mere 10% of Americans approve of the job they're doing.

That got us wondering, what do you think, would you re-elect your representative?

Almost everyone we spoke with disapproved of the job that congress is doing. Some though say, they would re-elect their representatives.

If you've reached your boiling point, watching Washington's political ping pong, you're hardly alone.

When asked what grade he would give Congress, one man replied, "Oh, it's an F, they're doing a terrible job."

"I would give Congress an F+. I have to go to work every day, so why doesn't Congress?" said another.

"I don't think nobody's trying to act like an adult, they're all acting like a bunch of little children up there" said one man.

In fact, according to a CNN/ORC poll, nine out of ten Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing.

"The parties right now don't agree on anything and that's really bad" said one man.

"I'm not impressed at all; you can't have everything you want" said one woman.

And that's still the argument.

In a statement about the Shutdown, Congressman Robert Hurt said, "The House is working to fund the critical operations of the federal government, while the Senate simply refuses to negotiate."

And Senator Mark Warner with this on Wednesday, "It's a bunch of bunk, the Senate budget actually took the house budget number, actually accepted their budget number, that's what this debate should be about."

But when asked if voting out an in-effective congress was an option, people were torn. We received no one solid response.

When asked if he would re-elect his representatives, one man replied, "I think so, the guys have to vote with their heart, and how they feel that they're led to vote."

"I don't think any of them deserve to be up there to be honest with you" said another.

Representatives aren't the only ones feeling the pain from this shutdown though; President Obama's approval has taken a hit as well. According to that same poll, he's down to a 44% approval rating, from 53% back in May.