Locals React to Gas Tax Changes

Roanoke, VA - The General Assembly is moving closer to a deal that would give the Commonwealth a long term transportation funding plan, but it could end up costing us more at the pump.

Governor McDonnell is optimistic the bill will soon lead to transportation funding. Still, the bill it is much different than the plan the Governor first laid out.

Governor McDonnell's recent proposal was to get rid of the gas tax in favor of a small increase in the sales tax, which was a plan similar to that of the House of Delegates.

The Senate Finance Committee passed a bill Tuesday that would raise the gas tax 5 cents while not touching the sales tax.

Many people said that eliminating the gas tax in favor of an increased sales tax is the way to go.

"I just think it makes more sense to raise the sales tax a little bit because that wouldn't hit people in the pocket quite as bad as hitting the... upping the gas prices and everything," Jamie Nevers said.

"Either way you are paying more. So it is sort of six to one; half dozen to the other, but I guess raising the sales tax," Mara Frasca said.

The Governor's office said Tuesday that the vote is progress, but that there are many things that need to be worked out in the future.

The full Senate will take the matter up Wednesday in Richmond.