Locals Buy Shovels & Food in Preparation for Snow Storm in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Folks in our area have been busy preparing to be stuck at home for a few days.

People were stocking up on shovels, ice-melt and food. One of the managers at Food Land says they've been so swamped, they've had a hard time keeping up.

Grocery stores all over central Virginia are feeling the pressure of the pre--snow dash.

"It's been crazy. They've been buying everything. Milk and bread, just loading their baskets up," said Christopher Leebrick.

Leebrick is a manager in the meat department at Food Land.

"We have 6 meat cutters back there working as fast as they can and we're still way behind," said Leebrick.

The Lowe's on Timberlake has been busy as well. Vincent Gomez works at La Carreta. He says is glad he got here when he did.

"I got some ice melt. Before they run out, because last year they did," he said.

"I would say people should get out here now before it gets too bad out there on the ground because you never know when the temperature is going to change or how much snow we're going to get," said Neil Prager, manager at the Lowes on Timberlake.

Though this part of the process can be a little stressful, most admit they're looking forward to the first good snowfall of the year.

"I hope it comes," said Leebrick.

"I am and my kids are. My little one is so excited, she says, I'm getting my pjs and getting ready,' said Gomez.

The manager at Lowe's says they do have a little extra in stock since this is the first snowfall of the year. They also have another shipment of ice melt and rock salt coming in this evening.