Locals Enjoying Warm Weather

Lynchburg, VA - If you didn't have the chance to get outdoors Sunday, you missed some gorgeous weather.

Some parts of our viewing area saw highs in the mid to upper 60s, and many people took advantage of the warm weather, especially at the Blackwater Creek Trail in Lynchburg.

"It's nice to finally get out of the cold winter," said Curt McKim, who was enjoying the warm weather Sunday with his family.

With the cold weather behind us, many people took advantage of the spring-like weather, riding bikes, jogging, and walking their pets.

"Just go out and have a good time, and relax and enjoy the beautiful area and the beautiful weather," said McKim.

McKim and his family like to visit the Blackwater Creek Trail when the weather is nice. They say on a day like this, there is nowhere else they'd rather be.

"It was nice weather out, thought we would get out on the bikes and get some exercise and break in for the spring," said McKim.

"This particular season this is the most people I've seen out here," said another visitor to the trail named TJ.

TJ calls himself a regular at the Blackwater Creek Trail. He says despite the weather, he is always here exercising and enjoying nature.

"Come out here sometimes to juggle the ball around, sometimes I just come out here and read and hang out," said TJ.

Regardless of your favorite activity, most everyone agrees they just hope the warm weather sticks around.

While Sunday was warm, don't be too quick to rush planting your spring gardens.

The chances of another frost are still very high, before we reach the point where we have consistently warm weather.