Impact of Cancellation of Lynchburg Regional Airshow

Lynchburg, VA - Many people have expressed their disappointment that officials canceled the Lynchburg Regional Airshow this year.

LRA officials made the announcement Friday saying they canceled because of sequestration cuts.

Jeff Campbell is the general manager at Dickie's Barbecue off Wards Rd. He says he remembers working during the Lynchburg Regional Airshow in 2011.

"Business-wise it was fantastic. We saw a lot of town traffic. Just in general, everyone was in this area."

He says the restaurant saw 5% to 10 %growth during that time. Something he'll certainly miss.

"Our business was great. So I'm definitely sad to see it's not going to be back in town this year," he said.

Although businesses do profit from events like the airshow, Lynchburg Mayor Mike Gillette says overall, the cancellation will not hurt the city.

"In the scheme of things, it's not a significant event that brings a large amount of money into the city coffer, so it's not going to affect our budget in any way, it's really not going to have a noticeable impact on our economy."

That's good to hear. But still, Gillette says the airshow benefited the community and he hopes it'll be back soon.

"We try to do everything we can to support special events, bring people into our city to have them eat in our restaurants and stay in our hotels, so it's disappointing," he said.

Campbell agrees. But according to him, he and his son are mostly disappointed they'll miss the Blue Angels.

"Not to see that, kind of a bummer for me and him because you know I like seeing big jets fly fast you so," said Campbell laughing.

The airshow was scheduled for Memorial Day weekend this year. Airshow organizers say they plan to bring back the show to Lynchburg in 2015. But that will depend on the country's fiscal situation.