Locals Cash in with Facebook Yard Sale Page

Reporter: Dhomonique Ricks l Videographer: Jemon Haskins

Lynchburg, VA - An interesting twist for you on this Cyber Monday. There are some great deals out there on Facebook. It is called the Lynchburg Online Yard Sale and there are people buying and selling from across our area.

The concept is simple. It is like going to a garage sale from the convenience of your home, or office, or on your cell phone. Basically, anywhere you can access Facebook. You take pictures of things you want to sell or you can shop around.

"I've only been on there a week and I got an extra hundred dollars in my pocket," Lisa Garrett said.

Testimonies like this are catching lots of attention.

"A friend of mine, she's got over $600 in her pocket now and it's just from stuff laying around the house," Garrett said. "I definitely have enjoyed Cyber Monday on the yard sale page."

Lisa Garrett and Melissa Grubbs are part of the online yard sale.

"It's just very addictive," Grubbs said.

"The extra cash in my pocket is wonderful," Garrett said. "It's a way for the community to save money and put money back into our pockets at the same time."

Garrett is a mother of three and works part time. She says it is all about the thrill.

It's like a black Friday sale; who can get there first," Garrett said. "I posted a picture and sold it in 2 minutes. My husband just laughs because, [he says] 'You sold that already?'"

And you can find just about anything you are looking for.

"I got some pillows, and a snowman. I just picked up a Christmas present for him," Grubbs said.

So although you can cash in, these ladies say it is hard not to shop around.

"Well don't tell my husband, but yes, yes I have. I've bought some purses and some belts," Garrett said.

Here is the catch; the group is not public. You have to be invited in by a member who is currently in the group.

"I think it's a whole lot safer than doing it on Craigslist," Grubbs said. "You're dealing with local people. It's easier to negotiate price. You get a quicker response. The turn around time is quicker."

This is an invite-only group, but you are not out of luck if you are not a part of it yet. Chances are with nearly 1,500 locals on it already, you may have a mutual friend in the group. If they are a member, shoot them a message and they can add you to the page. You can also search for the group and ask to join it.