Local Woman Sews Quilts for Storm Victims

Lynchburg, VA - Gleaning for the World is working hard right now to help those up north devastated by Sandy.

Tuesday, they were filling boxes with cleaning supplies, blankets and water.

Gleaning collects all sorts of supplies for situations like this, and there is a really neat story inside one of the boxes there. The gift is from a woman who's adding a personal touch in her effort to help those hurt by the storm.

"It makes me feel as though I'm doing what I'm put on this earth for," said Lin Mosley crying. "I like to know that I'm helping somebody. I've had so many good things in my life happen to me and I like to know that I'm paying back."

Mosley is paying it forward.

"I hope that someone there gets some good warmth out of it and that they realize that the love that was put into this was directed to them."

She's busy sewing quilts to send to people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

"I visualize a little kid with a blanket wrapped around them and that makes me feel warm too. It makes my heart feel warm."

Mosley has donated 20 hand-sewn quilts to Gleaning for the World and plans to deliver 10 more in the coming days.

Gleaning greatly appreciates the effort, as it prepares to ship several truckloads of supplies to New York, New Jersey and Baltimore. They're just waiting for the roads to reopen.

"We're looking right now around four truckloads, probably a little over a 100,000 pounds of product, with the water, the blankets, the food," said Michael Justice, director of the Gleaning Church Network.

They say they need money to pay down some of the expenses and volunteers.

Volunteers like Mosley who are truly making a difference.

"I would do it again in a moment," said Mosley.

Gleaning for the World says they are looking into the possibility of setting up a couple of collection points at Sams Club and a few area Kroger stores in Lynchburg this weekend.