Local Vet Answers 'Can Cicadas Hurt Your Pet?'

Lynchburg, VA - The cicadas are being resurrected everywhere from Charlotte County to Campbell County.

So, what do all these critters mean for your family pet?

They sprinkle shells in the yard and leave holes in your lawn. And animals love everything about it.

Dr. David Case is a veterinarian at Boonsboro Animal Hospital. Several pet owners have called him with cicada concerns.

"They're seeing their pets in the yard and their immediate concern is the toxic principle. Will they get sick? And basically no, they have nothing to worry about," he said.

Even though they may look a little scary, according to Case, there's nothing dangerous about them.

"They don't bite they're just loud and obnoxious. A nuisance," said Case.

If your pet does get sick having cicada for supper.....

"Like anything. If you overindulge, even in food it can cause some vomiting but there is no toxic principles to worry about," he said. "In fact, In some parts of the world people actually eat cicada's its apparently a good source of protein even though I don't think I'd find them very appetizing."

According to the experts, the only thing cicadas leave behind are shells. They generally will not kill your plants and should be gone within a few weeks.