Local Vendors Lockn' in Business at Nelson Co. Music Festival

Arrington, VA - The four-day Lockn' festival will no doubt have a major impact on the local economy.

Between gas, lodging and food, it's expected to pump a quarter of a $1 million a day into Nelson County.

Not far from the main stage, underneath a tent designated "local," business is poppin'.

Blue Ridge Kettle Corn is based just 35 minutes from Arrington. But right now it feels like half a world away.

"A lot of people I've met are from Cincinnati and Michigan," Donna Maupin, the owner.

She says they stayed busy until midnight on the first day of the festival, although setting up shop here doesn't come cheap.

In exchange for the tent and a sign, Maupin says she'll give 30 % of her proceeds to the festival.

"I don't ever go in with an idea of how much I want to make. I just want to have fun and people enjoy our product," Maupin explained.

Craft Breweries like Wild Wolf, Blue Mountain and even recreational companies like the James River Float Company have also jumped on board. This festival gives them a chance to reach tens of thousands of people.

It isn't just local vendors who are benefiting. The economic development director says between food, lodging and sales tax, it's supposed to generate more than $1 million for this region alone.

There's also what's called a multiplier effect. An injection of extra income leads to more spending, which creates more income and so on.

"We've probably spent, ourselves, $300 if not more locally," Chuck Overby said, next to his tent.

He didn't have a long drive coming from Lynchburg, but says food, ice, and drinks will continue adding up.

This business in Nelson County could continue for years to come. There's already talk about making Lockn' Festival an annual event.

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