Local Uranium Mining Opponents Take Their Fight to Richmond

Richmond, VA - People opposed to uranium mining took their fight all the way to state capitol Monday. Southside residents and others from all over the state held a rally in Richmond to voice their opinions on mining and milling.

Southside officials and residents immediately went to work, passing out stickers and fliers to anyone who passed by.

Eloise Nenon was here 30 years ago when the uranium mining moratorium was first put in place.

"I spent six years up here as a non-profit lobbyist, full session each time," Nenon said.

She said she shares the same concerns now as she did then.

"A lot of what was being told then wasn't the truth. Now it's downright lies right and left," Nenon said.

After expressing their views outside, the group moved inside the capitol building to reach even more policymakers.

"That's why it is emotional. We get criticized for being emotional but when it's affecting your quality of life potentially, it's worth getting upset over and I'm so glad to see the folks from home here," 60th District Delegate James Edmunds said.

The protesters hope this last attempt to keep mining out of Virginia will be just what they needed to get the bills voted down.

"Everybody here has been working tirelessly to ensure that this ban stays in place. We all have a lot to lose."