Local Trooper Writes Book About Child Identity Theft

Bonsack, VA - A Virginia State Trooper based out of Salem has published the first in depth book showing parents how to protect their children from identity theft. It's called "Child Identity Theft."

While unsuccessfully looking for resources about child identity theft, Lt. Robert Chappell realized that he might be the expert qualified to fill the void of information needed to fight child identity theft.

"Children, right now, are 51 times greater of a risk than are adults of having their identity stolen," said Chappell.

While the thought of someone stealing your child's identity may seem like something "other people" deal with, Kelley Williamson found out just how easy one can fall victim to these criminals when her son was just 12 years old as they went to get him ID at the DMV.

"I hear her say, "No... he's standing right in front of me and he's a 12-year-old boy," said Williamson.

And the effects of such a crime, if not caught early, could cause years of trouble years down the line.

"When he turned 16 it would have been very difficult getting a driver's license. Anything that involved getting an ID or social security number. Applying for colleges, getting student loans," said Williamson.

The possibilities go on and on.

The problem is getting that information, for criminals, can be very easy as the biggest source of the information often times comes unknowingly from the parents themselves.

"When we go to a doctor's office and we walk up to the receptionist and they ask us our child's name, their date of birth, their social security number, their address and their phone number and why they are there to see the doctor... within earshot of everybody else... we are giving that information away," said Chappell.

"Child Identity Theft," which retails for $40, can be found in 286 book store chains across America and in 35countries worldwide.

You can also find the book online on Amazon and Overstock.