Local Store Owners on Edge After Series of Crimes in Danville, Police Offer Safety Tips

Danville, VA - After a recent series of crimes in Danville, a lot of folks in the community are on edge.

Police are still investigating those crimes, including the stabbing death of a convenience store clerk.

Until the killer is caught, some say they are taking extra precautions.

"We're a community where everybody knows everybody and everybody smiles at everybody. It's southern charm, and this is not supposed to happen in this kind of an area, " said business owner Lawrence Woodson.
Woodson owns a gas station and automotive shop just a few miles from the site of the homicide Monday morning.
He says that incident and two robberies earlier this week have put him on high alert.
"You can't help but be concerned with our customers and employee safety, which is number one, " Woodson said.
As a store owner, Woodson says crimes like that have always been in the back of his mind.
"We have redone some of our lighting to make sure everything is well lit. We keep two employees here until closing time, " he said, but police say local residents also need to take some precautions of their own.
"We advise against anybody being out at night alone. Keep a cell phone with you and think about where you're going, " said Danville Police Captain Matt Carter.
Carter says if you need to get gas, try to do it during the day, and when going out, tell a friend where you're going and when you're expected back.
Even on the walking trail, use a buddy system if possible.
"You pull into a parking lot and you see some folks that just don't look quite right, nothing says that you can't continue on and go somewhere else. We just want everybody to be as safe as they can, " Carter said.
Woodson will continue to offer his customers the same great service he always has. He just hopes the crimes will be solved so they can have peace of mind.
"I definitely hope and pray that the police will get a lead and will be able to find the people because it's just not right. You just don't treat your fellow man like this, " Woodson said.
Right now Danville Police have no reason to believe those crimes were connected. If you have any information, please contact the Danville Police Department.
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