Local South Korean Native Reacts to North Korea's Threats

Lynchburg, VA - With North Korea making new threats, many across the globe are worried about what could be brewing.

Sunday we spoke with church goers at Lynchburg Korean Church, many of whom are from South Korea. A deacon at Lynchburg Korean Church says that most every member at the church still has family who are living in South Korea.

While they say they grew up with constant threats of war, they feel like this time may be different. Semy Rhee is a South Korean Native.

"There are always war threats from North Korea, and as a child that would always be scary for me," said Rhee.

But she says since Kim Jong-Il's death, and his son, Kim Jong-Un's rise to power, the threats seem more serious.

"I think all Koreans and the rest of the world knew that his son was in a way more of a stronger leader in that area and more of a dominant personality in giving out war threats," said Rhee.

She has lived in the United States for four years. Fulfilling her dream of getting a college degree, Rhee graduated from Liberty University last year, but her heart is still in South Korea.

"It's where I am from, It's where I grew up, so I do miss it. I can't imagine what the people who are actually in the country are going through," said Rhee.

Her mother is still in South Korea, along with several other extended family members. That is what makes this threat even more worrisome for her.

"I was worried since I have a lot of family there about what is going to happen and they don't have citizenship here so there is no way to bring them back if anything were to happen," said Rhee.

But during these hard times and fear of what the future may hold, Rhee says she has turned to her church family for prayers and support.

"We just pray for our families and I wouldn't want to see my home land, my mother country suffer from war again," said Rhee.

Rhee is a US Citizen now, and says she does travel home to South Korea to see her family from time to time.

She also says she does have dreams of being able to one day bring her whole family to America.