Local Restaurant Helps Local Farm After Turkey Crop Fails

Lynchburg, VA - Jack and Kim Fuhrmann own Our Father's Farm. They and their nine children raise organic and natural food in a healthy and humane way. Their quality is something their customers search for.

"You can't beat the quality and our customers they see that quality also and they keep coming back," said Caleb Metts who is a Sous Chef at Isabella's Italian Trattoria in Boonsboro.

They raise all kinds of animals, but turkeys are their main seller this time of year.

This year things are not so good, a cold week in August killed nearly 100-percent of their turkeys. They went from two hundred, now down to only six. Kim Fuhrmann said the cold just wiped them out. The Fuhrmann's say it's frustrating for them, but also for several people who had pre-ordered their Thanksgiving turkey.

"It was just sad- a lot of them were really bummed, like what am I supposed to do?" said Fuhrmann.

Isabella's is excited to step up and help the farm that provides fresh food to their kitchen weekly.

"When we found out that they lost so many turkeys and chickens- it tore us up and obviously we wanted to jump in and help immediately," said Metts.

Right now, they are matching any donation to the farm - dollar-for dollar.

"At the end of the evening we write a check back to Our Father's Farm for the amount of money that's been contributed," said Cheri Barauskas who owns the restaurant with her husband Andrew.

The family says the community support is overwhelming.

"We just started to reach out and then the Lord started dumping blessings, and when Cheri called I was speechless," said Fuhrmann.

"They're truly the nicest people I've ever met," said Barauskas.

Isabella's has only been doing this match for three days. In that time, they've raised more than $800 for the farm. They will be matching donations through the end of the month. You can donate by adding any amount to your bill at the restaurant.