Danville Racing Store to Close After Seventeen Years

Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum

Danville, VA - Perkins Racing has been a staple in the Danville community for NASCAR collectables. Sadly, after almost two decades, the store's owner announced that it will close.

Perk Perkins, the owner, explained that he's just not selling like he used to. He said that even though he has always loved the sport, he is simply not making enough anymore to pay the bills.

"I heard a lot of people telling me 'Well I hate to see you close. I love coming here. You've got the best selection of any NASCAR shop I've been in.' But they are not buying," said Perkins.

Seventeen years in the making, the NASCAR collector's paradise has reached the finish line. He plans on closing his doors for the last time by the end of the year and he is not the only one.

Carl Jackson, a customer, said that around the country a lot of these stores have closed.The reason for the decline in sales has a lot to do with the economy and some seem to think the death of Dale Earnhardt in 2001. Perkins said he believes it killed the sport.

Also, he said online stores and other outlets for purchasing memorabilia took over the market.

"A lot of people are selling on eBay. That's everything but I see a lot of NASCAR products on there, very cheap. And that's not good either," said Perkins.

Still, customers said they will miss the stocked superstore that have visited for years and they are sad to see it go.

Perkins plans on discounting his merchandise and then trying to sell it to the Speedway.