Local Pastor Wants To Have Bibles Passed Out At Public Schools

Martinsville, VA - A local pastor wants to get Bibles into children's hands by passing them out at public schools. The superintendent says that's simply not allowed in their district.Pastor Bill Moss says the Bible is just as educational, if not more, than anything else at school. He believes giving out Bibles would stop crime and help younger generations.The idea sparked when a member of the Gideon organization spoke at Moss's church, Hill Memorial Baptist a few months ago. Moss says that's when he realized Martinsville Public Schools don't allow you to pass out Bibles to students."The kids have a right to refuse or accept what they want to, but we are making that decision for them in Martinsville schools, we are saying no you don't have a right to the Bible," said Moss. He is on a mission to change that. Moss wants Gideons to have permission to pass out the New Testament to local 5th graders."They need some kind of moral guidance, some kind of instruction, and the best place to get that is right out of the Bible," said Moss. Superintendent Pam Heath said the school board doesn't allow anything to be distributed that is not considered part of their educational mission."I have to follow the policies so that's what I am doing," said Heath. Heath says if you let one group you have to let everyone which is something she and Moss can actually agree on. Moss just wants to get the rules changed and put these little books in students' hands."It can change their life," said Moss.Moss hopes to go before the school board in the near future and try change the school's policies.
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