Local Organizations Waiting to Help Sandy's Victims

Danville, VA - While most of Sandy's damage does not look like it will hit our area, some local organizations are ready for the worst. In fact, volunteers are preparing to help when needed.

Last week, God's Pit Crew spoke with partnering agencies to get ready for storm relief. But both God's Pit Crew and the American Red Cross say at this point it is just a waiting game.

"It's very scary and very heartbreaking at the same time because you know that people are going to be affected," said Randy Johnson, the founder of God's Pit Crew.

But local organizations like God's Pit Crew work to minimize the pain after a natural disaster. For years they've brought supplies, volunteers and hope to those in need and plan to do the same for Hurricane Sandy's victims.

"Having been to so many disasters, it's scary to think about what this impending storm could do," said Johnson.

On Monday God's Pit Crew is ready. They have supplies lined up, everything from water bottles to toilet paper to everything in between, all ready to be packed up Tuesday to head out.

"From there it is just a watch and wait and see game," said Johnson.

Founder of God's Pit Crew, Randy Johnson, says they keep a close eye on Sandy to know where to go and what to bring. And then within 12 hours of devastation they can leave.

"We'll do our best to help everybody that we can that's affected but we want to start at home for sure," said Johnson.

The American Red Cross agrees. As of Monday, they remain on alert. They say the plan is to help here at home first in case of flooding, winter weather, or power outages.

"As the storm comes in we will then start spreading out to help in the North and the East, wherever we are needed," said Jennifer Statzer, a volunteer with American Red Cross.

God's Pit Crew needs your help. They say if the storm is bad enough, their supplies could be depleted. So, they ask for bottled water and canned food with easily opened tops.

If you want to donate money or supplies, you can bring it to God's Pit Crew or look on their website at

Or if you want to help the Red Cross you can make a financial donation by going to or make a ten dollar donation by texting 'redcross' to 90999 or call 1-800-redcross.