Local Organizations Raising Cancer & Domestic Violence Awareness

Lynchburg, VA - For more than 25 years, October has been known as Breast Cancer Awareness month.

For many, this cause hits close to home. Those affected by cancer are all about raising awareness.

"As you can see right here, my hat is fake- I don't have any hair, but it is growing back," said Shirley Maddox, a cancer survivor.

Pink is not the only color you will see around this month.

"There's always several different causes to every color ribbon and they're all important, " said Caroline Hudson, the executive director of the YWCA.

You may see purple ribbons as well. The purple ribbon is to raise awareness for Domestic Violence. According to the YWCA, one in every four women experience some form of domestic violence.

"Sometimes people are very surprised when it happens to them, but it can happen to anybody," said Hudson.

The YWCA provides a safe place for women seeking shelter. They have many events and seminars to raise awareness.

"This is a behavior that can change, and society needs to make sure that this is unacceptable," said Hudson.

They even have a designer wedding gown shop where they sell gowns from designers in New York City at discounted rates. All proceeds from these donated dresses go to help victims of Domestic Violence.

"Nothing would make us happier than to put ourselves out of business," said Hudson.

Here are some of the events going on this month:

Candlelight Vigil October 8- 7:30 pm- Circuit Court House, Boydton, VA.

Candlelight Vigil October 24- Lynchburg College.

October 16 and 23- Free Lunch and Learn at YWCA.

October 14- Week without violence proclamation, YWCA.