Local Movie Makers Remake Famous Horror Film

Axton, VA-- A small family graveyard in Axton, was turned into a movie scene on Sunday.

Two local movie makers from Halifax County are producing a remake of the 1968 horror movie, "Night of the Living Dead." They've been filming for about two weeks, and were shooting the last part of their opening scene on Sunday.

Two men from Halifax County spend a lot of their free time making YouTube videos. But recently, they decided to do something a little different.

"We were just talking about what our next video would be and I said let's do Night of the Living Dead, and he said all right, I'll call a few people," said Josh Perkins, movie co-director and producer.

"Zombies are all the rage nowadays and being that the move is in public domain,we don't have to worry about copyrights or anything like that, so it would be a nice fun project for everyone," said Lewis Guthrie, movie director.

The original Night of the Living Dead was set in the 60s, but these movie makers are giving their version, a modern day twist.

"The movie is about a group of people and they find themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse," said Guthrie. "They find refuge in an old farm house and they try to survive the night."

"There's a lot of stuff that happened in the 60s that isn't even relevant anymore so we had to pretty much rewrite everything in the script," said Perkins.

They said making a movie, is a tough feat. They've been shooting for more than 12 hours every weekend

"Tiring, tiring, very tiring," said Guthrie.

"Not even a five minute scene and you're having to spend like two hours of make up and retouches," Perkins said. "Right after this we have to go back to Halifax and work on night scenes."

But they said they're sure the end result will be worth all the hard work.

"We have such a dedicated cast and dedicated team and just the support of everybody,"said Guthrie.

"They're really into it," said Bob Thomas, lead zombie. "Good director, good producer. I see a big future for them down the road."