Local Lawmakers Respond to President's State of the Union

Lynchburg, VA - Local lawmakers Bob Goodlatte and Mark Warner released their responses to the State of the Union Tuesday night.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte said in a press release:

"President Obama's fifth State of the Union address was more of the same: another politically charged speech filled with empty promises. Four years ago, the president said that the time to take hold of our future is here. However, his term was characterized by a slow recovery, sluggish job creation, and record budget deficits.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner also had a response:

"I was pleased the President began his speech with a strong call for a bipartisan grand bargain to continue to address our deficits and debt. A balanced plan that includes additional revenue, smarter spending cuts and responsible entitlement reform... is a key component of any economic growth agenda."

5th District Republican Congressman Robert Hurt released this statement Wednesday morning:

"Together, we can balance the budget, restore economic stability, empower our small business owners, and ensure that all hardworking Americans have a chance to be a part of the American dream."