Local Gun Expert Weighs In On Arizona Accidental Shooting Death

{}Campbell Co. VA- {}Maynard Lawhorne has been instructing people how to shoot firearms for some thirty years. He has a military background and he raised his own children with hunting rifles and various other types of firearms. He manages the "Lynchburg Arms and Indoor Shooting Range" in Campbell County. "As far as I'm concerned, shooting sports are a family sport and it's safe as long as it's done properly. {}I've never had any accidents with my family or my friends." {}Lawhorne said he started his kids off shooting single shot .22 rifles but safety was always his first concern. "They were all taught basic gun safety to start with. And that was drilled into their heads over and over for a year or two before I even let them fire a gun."{}

After viewing the video of the nine year old in Arizona who accidentally shot her instructor when her Uzi automatic gun recoiled, Lawhorne weighed in. "He's really standing on the wrong side. He should be on the right hand side. If you're right handed you want to stand at the right elbow, that way if they swing around, you can try to grab and control it. Being on the left side, like that, he's open for her to swing around."{}

Lawhorne also said automatic or even semi-automatic firearms are too much firepower for children or inexperienced users, "Those are best left to experienced users. I doubt I would have had a fully automatic weapon in the hands of a nine year old." {}Children are allowed to shoot guns at his range, but they must be accompanied by an adult at all times, Lawhorne said. Safety, he said is always of primary concern. "Always keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction and never point it at something you're not willing to destroy."{}

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