Local Gun Dealers Weigh in On Virginia's Record Breaking Gun Sales

Pittsylvania Co., VA - In 2013, Virginia saw the highest number of gun sales in state history. About 480,000 transactions were completed, a 10.8% increase from 2012.

Bill Crawley has been in the gun business for almost 30 years. He and his wife own Bill's Guns on Route 29, where the first few months of 2013 brought unbelievable revenue.

"We'd done like $90,000 worth in three days, just the two of us, " Crawley said.

Crawley believes a potential ban on high powered assault rifles sent folks running to gun stores.
"Everybody just went out and bought everything they could get, " said Crawley, but the sales tapered off when gun suppliers began running out of inventory. Now Crawley is waiting to stock up again.
"I can't make any money being on a waiting list, " Crawley said.
Jerry Hagerman, who runs a gun shop in Gretna, says he's actually seen steady sales through the New Year.
The Pittsylvania County Supervisor has been keeping an eye on gun legislation, but says he doesn't see any new state laws on the horizon.
"It's been reasonably quiet, so I expect things to stay about the same," Hagerman said.
With recent school shootings and the incident involving Senator Creigh Deeds and his son, many are taking a look at how easily guns can end up in the wrong hands.
Hagerman says as sales increase, gun dealers must also be more diligent.
"That was a horrible incident, but if they can keep people who are not supposed to have guns in control, then I think our sales will pick up or at least stay the same, " said Hagerman.