Local Farmer Has Advice for Picking Christmas Trees

Bedford Co., VA - While many of you are preparing for Thanksgiving, some in our area are gearing up for the next big holiday.

The Christmas trees are on sale at big supermarkets in our area, but not many people are buying them. Most say it's still too early.

"Yea it's a little early for us to put up the Christmas tree," said Glenn Medows, who was shopping at Kroger.

"We've actually got it marked on our calendar, probably be going around the 15th," said Beth Bolton, a Boonsboro resident.

But when the time comes, they'll be ready.

"We usually buy from one of the local nurseries and what I look for is like symmetry of the tree and size," said Medows.

"We have to look for a particular shape and particular size that will fit in our house," said Bruce Gerlich, a Kroger shopper.

"Our tradition is that we always go to the Green Needles Tree farm to cut our tree down and we've been doing it for several years," said Bolton.

Jon Perdew is the owner of Green Needles Christmas Tree Farm in Bedford County. He's been growing about 3,000 trees in his farm for seven years.

"It's freshness that people are after. And so we're trying to give good service and an experience," said Perdew from his farm.

Every year, Green Needle opens for the five weekends before Christmas. People get to pick out a tree, and they can cut it down themselves.

Perdew says buying trees from local farmers not only helps the local economy, it also means you'll get a fresher and healthier tree.

"Look like for a fuller tree--not as tall and skinny. We have a lot of different shapes and sizes that to pick from," he said.

And what should you do after you buy it?

"You shouldn't be in full sun. You shouldn't have it under a heating register where the heat is blowing up into it, and then keep itthe pan that's in the Christmas tree stand full of water," said Perdew.

Perdew also says to not worry about the brown needles in the inside of the tree. It's normal for them to fall out if they're near the trunk.

The farm opens the day after Thanksgiving.

If you're interested in buying a tree from Perdew's farm, you can check out the Green Needles Christmas Tree Farm website.