Local Expert Talks About What To Expect For Allergies This Year

Danville, VA - Spring weather is finally here but not everyone is excited about the warmer temperatures. Now that the cold is behind us, we are facing allergy season.

According to local experts, the extreme cold weather does not slow down the pollen. That means we will still notice the cut grass, trees, and other allergy-triggers.
Spring is in the air and so is the pollen., meaning sneezing, coughing, running eyes, and congestion. No one knows it better than Barry Shelton."It's very miserable. I'm sure that a there is a lot of people that can relate with me," said Shelton.
Shelton has had seasonal allergies for years. In fact, at times it's been so bad, allergies have transformed into asthma and sinus infections.
"When the pollen comes in, that's when it really gets bad," said Shelton.
For 2014, Danville has seen one of the top 10 coldest years on record.
"It just pushes the season back a little bit so the season will start a little later. Where it may normally start at the end of March, might be about right now," said Matthew Yoder, Nurse Practitioner.
Yoder suspects that means the allergy season will end a little later, something his patients are not looking forward to.
"We are starting to see them, we've had several patients coming in already. So it's here," said Yoder.
Yoder suggests to combat the symptoms with over the counter medicines or if severe enough prescriptions and even allergy shots. He also says cutting out the exposure to allergens will make a big difference.
"If the medication isn't working, then it's time to go see somebody," said Yoder.
There are also some at home remedies you can try. First, wash your hands a lot to avoid getting more pollen in your eyes or nose. Also, some people suggest eating honey but the jury is still out on how effective that really is.
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