Local Dogs Linked to Hit TV Show 'Duck Dynasty'

Lynchburg, VA - Some dogs that live locally in Lynchburg actually have a connection to the hit TV show Duck Dynasty.

Vinessa Alones has raised poodles for 16 years. Her dogs have competed in countless competitions and won many awards.

"People say, did you see the dog on Duck Dynasty and I say yes, I know him very well. This is one of his babies," said Alones.

Last June, Alones made arrangements to breed her show girl Zee Zee with Cooper, a dog she saw on the cover of Poodle Variety. Little did she know he was a star in the making.

"They decided they wanted to have an episode with the famous red hunting poodle in it and that's how Cooper got to be in Duck Dynasty. It's turned out to be an extremely popular show and an extremely popular episode," Alones added.

Cooper made his appearance on Duck Dynasty and represented Standard Poodles everywhere.

"People all over the country are learning that poodles are hunting dogs," Alones said.

Cooper has appeared in many articles since the show, he even has his picture on a t-shirt with Uncle Si. Now, several of Cooper's children are scattered all over Lynchburg.

Stewart Morris has one of them: Cajun, and they watch his daddy often.

"Oh yes, several times and of course I had to call my family and they had to watch it. The kids at school just went nuts when they found out that he was Cooper's son and that his dad had been on Duck Dynasty. So it's been fun to watch and to be a part of," Morris said.

Cooper's star power is being passed down. Cajun is being trained in agility and therapy and will be able to visit hospitals to assist those in need.

"Hopefully he'll be a star but it'll be as a therapy or as an agility," Morris said.

If you want to see Cajun's Dad's television debut, you have to watch all the way to the end of the episode called "Can't Hardly Weight".

Cooper retrieves a dove with Uncle Si.

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