Local Dish Customers Upset Over Loss of Channels

Amherst Co., VA - Some Dish Network customers in our area are fuming because they are not getting to see some of their favorite shows on the CW and Fox channels. Dish did not re-sign a contract with Grant Group who owns Fox 21-27 because they say Grant wanted them to pay three times the amount they had already been paying.

The channels were cut Saturday. People were affected in certain pockets of four states, and Central Virginia is one of those areas.

"We're very upset with Dish. They expect their pay, yet we don't get the channels," said Bonnie Hicks, a Dish customer.

Hicks wants to make one thing clear:

"Don't mess with my family and Mascara," said Hicks.

Hicks and her family cannot get enough of the sport.

"Whether it be a movie, whether it be mints, or whether it be a car," said Hicks as she showed off some memorabilia.

So you can probably guess what happened Saturday, when her husband turned on the TV and Nascar was not on.

"You can only imagine what he might have said!" Exclaimed Hicks. "Of all the times to cut it out, it is Nascar time."

This past Sunday, Fox 21-27 posted the following on their Facebook page: "We are still in the midst of negotiations with Dish to get our channels back on the air as quickly as possible."

As of Wednesday, Dish says they have not reached an agreement.

"We have no legal right to broadcast their signal," said a Dish Network representative.

They say until they come to an agreement, do not expect to see anything on the local CW or FOX affiliates.

"We don't want the customers to go without their channels, but at the same time, we're not going to settle for an increase of three times of what we were paying them," said a Dish Network representative. "We do understand that the Daytona 500 is important and we are working around the clock to come to an agreement with Grant Group."

But customers like Hicks call it, bologna.

"We are one upset family! With Dish. Thank you!" said Hicks.

According to Debbie Reardon, Corporate Director of Marketing for the Grant Group, the company says they are shocked and confused over why service was canceled in the first place. They say they had an agreement with Dish for an extension until Friday of this week and were surprised when service was shut off. They say they probably would have agreed to the offer.

As for them asking Dish to pay three times the amount, Grant Group says it is literally the difference of cents.