Lynchburg Couple Featured on GMA Live!

Lynchburg, VA - It's the latest thing on YouTube: an underwater marriage proposal. In no time, it went from the video website to Good Morning America Live!, their online show. And the newly engaged couple lives right here in Lynchburg.

They got engaged last Wednesday. Five days later, they were interviewed by GMA anchors via Skype. Tuesday, they told{}ABC 13{}all about their adventurous proposal.

Jessica Forbes and Joseph House have been together a little more than a year.

"I didn't think anything of it because he was videotaping the fish and figurines,"{}said Forbes.

On their last vacation to the Cayman islands, they went scuba diving.

"I was like, 'What is he doing?' Then I saw him start tripping on his flipper to get on one knee," said Forbes.

Joseph opened a little box at the bottom of the sea. Inside it was a map of their relationship.

"Then it says, 'You are here,' with a big treasure chest at the bottom of the map with a big rock in it, and it says, 'are you going to marry me or not?'"

But she didn't say yes.

"This means okay in scuba diving so I kept going like this,"{}said Forbes.

She said okay. To keep the ring from floating away, he used dental floss - the strongest kind, of course.

Her first words when she floated to the top were, "I'm getting married."

"I was hyperventilating. I was like we have to get out of the water," said Forbes.

After months of planning, Joseph thought it turned out okay.

"Other than tripping on my flipper, and trying to put it on the right hand, I think it went pretty well," said{}House.

"But I love those parts,"{}said Forbes, laughing.

House{}coordinated with the scuba shop six months in advance. Jessica says she never saw it coming.