Local Congressional Members Discuss Government Shutdown

President Obama asked Congressional leaders to come to the White House, but if the comments were hearing from our Virginia congressional members are any indication, there's not going to be much negotiating going on there.

Representatives Robert Hurt and Bob Goodlatte, both House Republicans, were on the floor Wednesday afternoon voting on individual funding measures.

They say Senate Democrats have rebuffed any attempt they've made to settle this.

However, our Democratic Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine of course says it's the other way around.

"I hope that until Harry Reid and the senators decide they are willing to sit down at the table and negotiate, that we at least provide this temporary funding without opposition," said Rep. Hurt.

"The Senate, particularly the Senate majority leader, decided that he wasn't going to negotiate with the house on anything. We've sent now 4, separate different bills over and as long as he keeps slamming the door on negotiations, he's slamming the door on reopening the federal government," said Goodlatte.

"Respectfully, it's a bunch of bunk. The Senate budget actually took the house budget number, accepted their number. That's what the debate should be about, it should be about the budget," said Warner.

"So they should just accept yes for an answer, reopen Government and have a budget conference. Any issue is fair game in budget conference. They want to talk about the Affordable Care Act, fine. We want to talk about the farm bill and immigration reform, we can too," said Kaine.

Those individual funding bills in the House would provide money for things like veterans' benefits and national parks, but the White House says it will veto any piecemeal approach.

The congressional offices themselves are also part of the shutdown.

If you call your Congressman or Senator, you will most likely get a recording.

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