Local Churches Unite for Danville Sings

Danville,VA - The sound of music was spread all across Danville's Main Street Saturday afternoon.

The city held its first Danville Sings event at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History.
It's a concert put together by 35 singers from over a dozen churches. They spent three months rehearsing together for the event.
Danville Sings is an idea of Danville United, a group with the objective of creating a more tolerant, friendly and welcoming Danville.
"We are really partnering today with Danville United and we hope that we begin to build some bridges today that well translate into stronger friendships, and a greater ability to work together as a united community," Sam Kushner, one of the event organizers. Organizers said they hope to have another Danville Sings again.

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