Local Churches, Town Officials Work Together to Save Road to Halifax Cemetery

Halifax Co., VA - It's become almost impassible for those who want to visit one of Halifax County's oldest cemeteries, but now, some churches are coming together to help save Cemetery Road.

George Paige is a Deacon at Banister Hill Baptist Church - where members have the choice to be buried at the cemetery for free, but Paige says during funerals, hearses and limousines can barely navigate the half gravel/half dirt passageway.

"We felt that would be good for the town to take over the maintaining of that road, " Paige said.
He and others reached out to the Town of Halifax to see what could be done, and they sat down last month to discuss some options.
"In my opinion, it is a necessity, " said Town Council Member Janice B. Powell.
Council members agreed that the road needed some work. They're hoping to bring in VDOT to help with the restoration after the churches have the land surveyed.
For residents who live off of it, this is great news.
Gatha Richardson lives near the cemetery, just off Gatha's Trail - the county road named after him.
He says his grandfather donated the burial property to the churches years ago, but living back there hasn't been easy.
"My front yard is like a swimming pool when we get a good rain, " he said.
For the project to move forward, he and his neighbors will have to allow easements on their property, but Richardson says he'll do whatever it takes.
"The town is really stepping forward to help us do this and I think it will finally come, " Richardson said.