Local Church Services Reflect on School Shooting

Rustburg, VA - As church goers in our area attended morning services, many had the shooting on their mind.

Hyland Heights Baptist Church in Rustburg had an especially moving service Sunday.

Pastor Carl Weiser spent the early portion of his sermon talking about how Christians should speak out about tragedies like this one.

He touched on forgiveness of the suspect, but the main focus was on the 26 innocent lives taken inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"Charlotte, Olivia, Josephine, Ana, Dylan, Daniel, Madeleine, Catherine, Chase, James, Grace, Emilie, Jack, Noah, Caroline, Jessica, Avielle, Benjamin, Allison, Jesse. Children whose lives were taken," said a somber Carl Weiser, Pastor of Hyland Heights Baptist Church.

Church goers filled the sanctuary, as they do every Sunday morning at Hyland Heights Baptist Church.

This Sunday was different, though.

Many were shaken, all with questions.

"Tragedy like this cannot be answered with superficial, and sentimental Christian words. Such a tragedy calls for the most Christ-centered Gospel thinking there is," Weiser said.

Weiser also spoke about forgiveness, saying that if as humans we hold onto hatred, we continue the rampage, and ultimately God will judge.

"Human justice is always incomplete, no human court could ever give an adequate sentence,"

Despite the 500 mile separation between Rustburg and Newtown, Connecticut, the shooting touched to close to home.

Tara Gowen Attends Hyland Heights.

"I have a Kindergartner, and she prayed for that kindergarten class," says Gowen.

As church pastor, Weiser is tasked with leading his congregation through hard times. He acknowledged evil, but offered a glimmer of comfort.

We call evil what he is, we don't deny the horror the power but we're thankful that evil will not have the last word," Weiser said.

Pastor Weiser also spoke about the security measures Hyland Heights Baptist Church practices to be safe on Sunday. He said their Children's part of the church was specially designed with safety.

The pastor also said that certain trusted men do carry concealed weapons.