Local Activist Honored for Literary Achievements

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Photojournalist: Daniel Heffner

Lynchburg, VA- Members of the Lynchburg Poet Showcase held a banquet on Saturday to honor the literary achievements of local community activist Dr. L. Garnell Stamps.

Stamps has written several books and poems on topics including faith, civil rights, and his own childhood.

Saturday night, local leaders and writers read Stamps' work at the Lighthouse Restaurant.

The organizer of the event wrote a special poem dedicated to Stamps called, "A Lynchburg Legend."

"It is a humbling experience for people to point you out, and set you aside for an evening of appreciation,"said Dr. L. Garnell Stamps.

Mayor Joan Foster and other Lynchburg City Council members attended the banquet. The banquet in his honor started about an hour ago at the Lighthouse Restaurant.