Positive Momentum by James Gherardi

I am noticing a lot of positive trends down here in Danville. The more stories I do, the more I learn about the city I live in; in particular, the greatness of its past. The industries that were once booming here that have now gone elsewhere.

It's evident down here that the economy is not thriving and that there are high levels of unemployment. But that doesn't mean that there is a lack of effort to try and reverse that. I have come across some wonderful people who are working to really reverse some negative trends down here. And with the inception of the new river district, residents in Danville have begun to see some literal change on Main Street - new restaurants and shops popping up downtown bringing life to a part of the city that seemed to be dying.

This is so great to see. Not only does this give those of us who live here hope for the future, but it shows us that there are people who care; people who are willing to put their money and time on the line for the betterment of this city. Some great restaurants are now packed day in and day out - showing me and others that the residents here want to see a change.

Given the state of the economy, I can only hope and pray that this trend continues. Good work to all those down here working to reverse the recent past!