Little Free Libraries in Danville Getting Vandalized

Danville, VA - A free service to encourage kids to read is now costing the city extra money, all because of vandals. The city started putting up Little Free Libraries last December and since then, many of them have been damaged.

The city put up 10 of those libraries around town. And so far, Parks and Recreation has had reports of half of them with significant damage, many needing repairs multiple times.

Just grab and go, all thanks to Little Free Libraries, kids' access to books couldn't be easier. The idea is simple, folks can put books in and take them, all free of charge. But some people have been damaging more than donating.

"It was tough to come down...and see the wood laying around where somebody had obviously not shown it a lot of care," says Russell Carter, Communication Specialist for Parks and Recreation.

Carter says half of the libraries around town have seen significant damage.

"To see that be broken kind of maliciously, it was super disappointing because we are hoping the community will really like this," says Carter.

Kevin Moore's young daughter makes deposits regularly. But Moore, like others in the neighborhood, can't believe this would happen.

"People need to take care of their community and value their community and value what books mean to children," says Moore.

"That's really a rotten thing to have done to the community," says Bethany Hargrove, Danville resident.

Some have been repaired. The Danville Public Library fronts the repair fees. And while Carter says it doesn't cost too much to fix, the real damage is the now empty libraries.

Parks and Rec is looking for a volunteer. They hope to find someone who can help repair them and make sure they stay in good shape. If you want to help, call (434)799-5195.

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