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      List of Places Open in Our Area

      These places have been submitted by our viewers. If you know of any other place that's open, please comment on this story or write post on our Facebook page.

      • Everything in Bedford is open.
      • Cross Roads market on Route 60 in Gladstone is open
      • Tightsqueeze (Chatham) Food Lion is open. No ice, though. The Hardees, McDonalds, Subway, etc. in the shopping center are back up and running too.
      • All stores on 29 between Lynchburg & Altavista are OPEN
      • Rustburg is up and running
      • Kroger on Wards Road in Lynchburg. McDonalds on Wards Road near Target, Target, Wal-Mart, Wendys, and Citgo near the airport are all open.
      • Everywhere in Madison Heights.
      • Saturday night Sedalia store had ice. Not sure about today.
      • Moore at Waterlick raised their gas prices
      • Stop Inn in Bedford has gas and food
      • Town of Amherst has power.
      • Everything in Vinton is open
      • Brookneal Food Lion, gas and restaurants open.
      • Buena Vista & Lexington there may be a gas shortage as there was quite a line at the pumps but Food Lion...Walmart etc. and all fast food and sit down places are open!
      • Kroger on Rutgers, Sam's Club, McDonalds on Hershberger, Arby's on Jamison
      • Madison Heights Country Cookin
      • Big horn in Lynchburg
      • Food Mart and Liberty open in Lovingston
      • McDonalds on 29 across from Foster's Fuels are both open
      • Food Lion, Town and Country Shopping Center on Main Street in Altavista; China Wok, Town and Country Shopping Center on Main Street in Altavista; Wal-Mart, Clarion Road, Altavista; Chef's Drive In on Main St. Altavista; El Cerrito Mexican Restaurant and Grill, Main St. Altavista; Also KFC, McDonalds, Subway, Dominos Pizza, and Hardees on Main St Altavista. For gas--Apple Market on Main St. in Altavista.
      • Sheetz on Williamson Road
      • Vinton Food Lion and Kroger, Wal-Mart 460
      • LYNCHBURG: Sunburst Rd/Leesville-Carpenters Market. Leesvile/Waterlick American Gas and Moores Country Store. Krogers on Timberlake-gas station too. Everything on Candlers Mountain Rd. Dollar tree, Cinemark Movies 10 and restaurants.
      • K Mart on Wards Rd.
      • Kroger and the gas station on Wards road in Lynchburg are open
      • Food lion on Timberlake Rd. in Lynchburg
      • Wal-Mart in BEDFORD, McDonalds, Arby's, KFC, the CITY of Bedford has electricity.
      • Appomattox is up and running
      • Wal-Mart in Altavista was stocking ice a little bit earlier. Not sure if any is left now.
      • Sheetz and Kroger now open in Forest and Wal-Mart in Bedford
      • Kroger in Daleville (including gas station) and Bonsack Walmart (off 460) are both open.
      • Also, Dollar General, Exxon, Happy's Food Mart/Gas Station and a Shell station in Buchanan are open.
      • Long Mountain in Rustburg and Food Lion
      • Sheetz on Wards past airport has gas. Sheetz in front of Wal-Mart on Wards ran out of gas when I was there a couple of hours ago.
      • I know it's not a need, but O'Reilly Auto Parts in Madison Heights Virginia has generators.
      • Everything in Amherst town is open
      • Pretty muchevery store and restaurant in Madison heights are open.
      • Most on Timberlake Rd. in Lynchburg is closed, EXCEPT: Citgo, Bojangles, Good Taste, Shell (with lines at pumps), Wendy's, Captain D's, TGI FRIDAYS, Kroger gas, Kroger (limited products and limit 1 bag of ice per person), and Lowes.
      • Joe Beans is open at the Old Forest Road Kroger.
      • All restaurants, gas stations & stores in Madison Heights are open but be ready for lines.
      • Food lion on 29
      • Food Lion in Brookneal, Golden Skillet, Burger, Shakes & Cream, The Drug Store Grill, Subway & Pino's Pizza, all in Brookneal. Also Wal-Mart in South Boston.
      • Everything in Danville is open
      • Village Market in Concord has everything but regular gas and ice. Lester's on 615 in Rustburg had ice last I heard.
      • There is also a gas station at the mini mart in Bedford, across from KFC and a gas station at the shopping center
      • Chick Fil' A on Candlers Mountain road across from Little Caesars is open
      • Just left Express Lane in Madison Heights and the ice truck was there delivering
      • Super Dollar Lynchburg Plaza
      • All stores in Altavista are open restaurants & stores..
      • Route 221 between CVS at Cottontown and down to Walgreens at Enterprise is open. Food Lion, McD's, BK, Exxon are all open. Long lines for gas, but if you go late at night it's not bad.
      • Rustburg Food Lion
      • Kroger on Wards Road open, 1.5 hour wait or more for 2 bags of ice though.
      • Roly Poly-Lakeside for food, Ice at James River conference center.
      • Everything between Timberlake Lowes and 460 is closed. Looks like O riley's, Advance Auto and Auto Zone are open though.
      • The gas station on 460 in Lynchburg is open
      • Pretty much all of Wards Rd, Graves Mill Center & Food Lion on Memorial are all open
      • Exxon on Wards Rd., Ollie's, Dollar Theater, Staples, Hardee's, Macados, all have electricity and are open. Dollar tree however does not sell ice but we do have frozen foods canned and boxed foods and plenty of cold drinks please stop by and see us and as always everything's $1.
      • Dollar General in Concord, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Kroger Gas and all restaurants in Appomattox.
      • Foster on 29 is open
      • Turpin on 29s 4 1/2 miles past airport has fuel and food and no long lines
      • Subway, Foster Fuels and McDonalds on 29 in Rustburg area are OPEN. The Bojangle's is still closed though
      • Super Dollar grocery store at the plaza is open with gas and getting a whole truck of just ice
      • O'Reilly auto has a shipment of generators coming in around 4 today, check out the Timberlake, Old Forest Rd, or Madison Heights locations for details.
      • 221 area has plenty open
      • Marathon gas near the airport is open
      • Most gas stations in my town ALTAVISTA is open. The Wal-Mart here is open, but running on generators, but the registers and everything works. hope this helps :)
      • Bedford city operating Wal-Mart and restaurants
      • Krogers in forest
      • Wal-Mart in Altavista is open and so is Subway
      • Forest Road Food Lion, Mcdonalds and Burger King.
      • County Corner on 130
      • All businesses in Appomattox are open.
      • Depot Grill and Market at Main are in Lynchburg are open
      • Food Lion in Nelson is open and Liberty has gas and so does the Colleen Exxon
      • Kroger on Wards Ave is open and has gas. Exxon & Marathon on Wards/Candlers Mtn open. Most businesses on Wards from Fort to 460 are open.
      • Generators at O'reilly in Madison Heights are all called for! Lowes was suppose to have a shipment around 3:30-4:00 today but only 17 of them. Lowes in Charlottesville was also having a shipment come 3:30-4:00 but I don't know how many.
      • CVS on Old Forest Rd. in Lynchburg is open
      • Kroger on Timberlake Rd was good at around noon
      • Everything in Appomattox is up and running business wise. Grocery stores, convenience stores, and restaurants. Also the County has opened up Appomattox County High School from 2 p.m. til 8 p.m. for anyone that needs a cooling station, potable water (bring jugs, bottles, etc.), or a shower (Bring your personal items).
      • The Super Dollar store at Lynchburg's Plaza has ice and gas for sale. And New prospect Baptist Church in Hurt, at 509 Prospect Road, has opened its Family Life Center for cooling until 8 p.m. They are providing water and coffee, and have a shower available, too.