Lion's Club Offers Free Eye Exams During School Registration

Lynchburg, VA - If you were registering your child for school Tuesday at Dunbar Middle School in Lynchburg, you could have gotten a free eye exam.

The Brookville-Timberlake Lions Club conducted free PediaVision screenings for registering students, siblings, and even parents free of charge.

The PediaVision computer is quite the piece of machinery. It looks just like a camera.

The operator points it at the patient's eyes and in less than 10 seconds, it can identify whether you may have an issue with near-sightedness, eye misalignment, or other issues.

The machine's main use is for helping to identify issues in younger children.

"If you can't see the board, and you can't read the words on the page, then it creates a problem, they don't know they have a problem, they just figure they don't understand it," said Joe Slocum, Past President of the Lions Club.

The Lions Club says they hope to make it to every school in our area.