Linkhorne Elementary Lifts Up Injured Librarian

Lynchburg, VA - A beloved librarian at Linkhorne Elementary School is getting a lot of support from his students.

John Babcock just got out of the intensive care unit at UVA Medical Center after being seriously injured last Friday in a motorcycle accident. He is expected to make a full recovery and even return to duty around the first of next year.

The principal says Babcock is the breadwinner for all five of his children and that he drove a motorcycle that day because his family only has one car. There's talk of a spaghetti dinner and even a car wash to raise money for the family.

"Sometimes bad things happen to good people," said Principal Sawyer, referring to Babcock's accident.

What Mr. Dunaway's art class didn't know last week if their librarian would make it.

"He always let's us know what's non-fiction and fiction," one student remembered, cutting one of several get-well cards.

Monday morning, still in the hospital bed, Babcock called another teacher.

"He wanted to give me a special message that the Denver Bronco's beat the Pittsburgh Steelers," explained Ted Finney, a Steelers' die hard fan.

Several teachers remember Babcock as the man who once wore a dress to share his love of reading.

And if the power of music has the power to heal, fourth and fifth graders in Ms. Oboth's class would sing the song they wrote for him even louder.

In case you ever wondered how much Mr. Babcock means, at 11:30 a.m. roughly 400 students filed out of Linkhorne Elementary, held up a banner and all shouted: "We miss you Mr. Babcock! Get well soon!"