Roanoke Library Staff Moving Thousands of Books For Renovation

Roanoke, VA - The staff at Roanoke's main public library is hard at work clearing out inventory as a multi-million dollar renovation gets set to begin.

In all the staff has two weeks to clear all the books, DVDs and shelves out of here to make room for the work.

Much of the inventory will be stored, on site, in the basement.

The project, which came in under its $3 million budget, is expected to keep the library closed into next fall.

Other than the structural upgrades, a lot of new material is also in the plans.

"What you are really seeing on the empty shelves here... These are being moved so we can integrate about $125,000 in new books into the collection. Which is really the heart and soul of the library is good material for people to check out," said Head Librarian, Sheila Umberger.

The Virginia Room, which is widely used to research genealogy, will reopen December 3rd.

However, you must call in advance to schedule an appointment.

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