Liberty University's "Scaremare" Terrifies for 41 Years Straight

Lynchburg, VA - The final preparations were put into place for perhaps the Hill City's scariest staple, Scaremare, on Thursday night.

It's Liberty University's Halloween tradition; a haunted maze of sorts and it's come to develop quite the following in Lynchburg.

Friday will mark the 41st year Scaremare has captivated and terrified audiences of thousands of people. For those that help put it together year after year, they say there's nothing like watching someone get a great scare.

Steve Vandegriff, Scaremare's Director of 13 years, can remember when Scaremare solely occupied this one building; a fraction of the expanse it is today.

"There's a bit of a history here because we've been here for 41 years, and so we have families that look forward to it, and then their kids and their grandkids will come here, and we have a lot of folks that come from outside of the city" he said.

Vandegriff says the seasonal staple has grown to attract more than twenty thousand visitors every October.

When asked why he though being scared is a good thing, Vandegriff replied, "I don't know! I don't know why people like to be scared. I guess that's kind of what you expect to be doing in October."

And each year this labyrinth of terrifying scenes, winds you through two buildings, multiple tents, a fake graveyard, and this year, what else, but a forest filled with creepy clowns.

LU student Andrew Manning is in charge of this year's clown themed portion. He, along with an army of hundreds of volunteers has logged endless hours working to make sure Scaremare is ready to go on opening day.

"We plan all the time; we're always talking about different things to do, and different things to dress up as" he said.

Three nights a week all through October, Manning will don a creepy clown outfit and put all his horrifying hard work to the test.

"It's blood, sweat, and tears. We've been out here hot days all day. Every year, even my friends come up to me and say it, it ends, and they're like I can't wait till next fall, I can't wait to get back out here" he said.

"They'll pay to be scared, so it's like alright, we'll try it" said Vandegriff.

Vandegriff says Scaremare costs around $80,000 to create each year. He anticipates over the next three weekends, their attraction will see more than 25,000 visitors.

Scaremare runs October 10-12, 17-19, and 24-26. Scaremare is located at 2300 Carroll Avenue in Lynchburg, and opens at approximately 7:30 each night. Admission is $8. If you'd like more information, visit their website here.