Liberty University's Assets Historic

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Parker Slaybaugh
Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University announced a big financial milestone this weekend: it has reached $1 billion in net assets. Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. proudly made the university's balance sheet known at this weekend's graduation ceremony.
A local finance expert says with LU having these financial resources it will help Liberty attract top students, teachers and programs. Students say the sky's the limit for their university.
"Ten, fifteen years, it's not going to look like anything it looks like now. Just with their five-year-plan, I can't even imagine," said LU senior Bryce Morris.
"It shows there's a marketplace for this kind of conservative education, this principled education. I couldn't be happier," said Law Student Amanda Horne
Finance experts say that kinda money also allows LU to build more buildings, add new programs, which helps Lynchburg's economy overall.