Liberty University Uses Football Game to Raise Funds for Sandy Relief

Lynchburg, VA - A week has come and gone, but things haven't gotten much better for many of the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

A massive cleanup is still underway, and help is still on the way.

On the field, the Liberty Flames hope to "Sink the Seawolves". In the stands, they want to lift up the Stony Brook University community, which was devastated by Superstorm Sandy.

"With our game with Stony Brook, it's a huge game for us and them being involved in that part of the country, dealing with the issues up there we just felt like it was a great idea to do something to help them," said Jeff Barber, LU's athletic director.

Jeff Barber says LU will give $1 for every fan in attendance at the 3:30 p.m. game this Saturday to Gleaning for the World.

"They in turn will take that money and bring supplies up to the victims of Sandy," he said.

Williams Stadium can seat 19,200 fans. $19,200 will send roughly four tractor trailers full of supplies to the affected areas.

You might need a few things for your tailgate before the game, and if that involves a trip to Kroger, you'll have another opportunity to help at checkout.

"The associates and the shoppers we have in the community contribute quite a bit," said Darren Parnham, the Kroger manager at Wards Road.

To coin boxes at every register from now until November 17, every penny and every dollar goes directly to the Red Cross, according to Parnham.

"It's just a generous community and their understand and sympathize with the rest of their sister states."

Because North or South, we find common ground even when we're rivals on the playing field.