Liberty University Unveils New 1,200 Room "Mega-Dorm"

Liberty University is buzzing with excitement, as students are returning to campus this week.Parents like Resa and Kevin Stanley from Venice, Florida, are getting their first look at the new 270,000 square foot dorm. Mother Resa Stanley exclaims "I'm totally excited for her (daughter Kara), it's lovely here. The new dorms are great."The new 1,238 bed dorm building is all new, with features that have gotten a lot of reaction from alumni. VP of Student Affairs Mark Hine has been sharing construction photos on Facebook with alumni, who can't believe the changes. He describes the reactions by saying "You get everything from real green with envy, to those that want to come back to school and get another degree, so they can live in these buildings!" Hine cited a specific response from one alumnus, saying "One of them said 'What is that a picture of?'. When I told them it was a residence hall, the reaction was hilarious, it was pretty funny."Crews from English Construction have been working around the clock, putting the finishing touches in place for these new dorm rooms. They include a lot of great features, including something Liberty students have been asking for years - lots of storage. In addition, each dorm room comes equipped with it's own private bathroom.One new feature of the dorm is a big departure from years past - the dorms have co-ed areas. Students still can't go into rooms of the opposite sex, but each floor features several areas for all students to congregate, something Hine says is by design. "Liberty has always had a lot of bedrooms, we have a lot of classrooms. We have not had a lot of, what I call, 'living room space'. Space where our male and female students can interact together, and we just felt like this was a great addition."Liberty plans on building several more of these dorms throughout the next several years. Construction on dorm #2 is expected to start sometime in late October. For now, Kara Stanley is looking forward to what the new year, and her new room, have in store for her. She excitedly tells us "I'm so excited to be here this year. To be experiencing these dorms for the first time is such a blessing, looking forward to lots of new opportunities here."
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