Liberty University Reveals New Master Plan for Campus Expansion

Lynchburg, VA - Students are out for the summer, and construction crews are in. Liberty University is now home to multiple construction projects, including a new library, new dorms, and new academic buildings.

It's all a part of the school's new master plan, published in the latest edition of the Liberty journal magazine.

It gives you a look into $400 million worth of future construction projects, for a campus expected to exceed 15,000 students within the decade.

Liberty University has a vision to take their campus from 12-16,000 students by the year 2020.

It includes hundreds of thousands of square feet of new learning space, a new library, and athletic fields, even a new car tunnel connecting the campus to Wards Road.

According to the administration, it's the school's most ambitious capital improvement plan to date.

"The university is growing and drawing in more people and expanding in a good way I think" said one LU student.

"I don't know how big we'll get but I think that's cool to see. I just came here last year so even since I got here, it's been growing" said another.

Spend a second on Liberty's campus, and you can tell the place is changing.

In some cases, construction has already started. Like at the Jerry Falwell Library, a brand new 170,000 square feet building, costing liberty $50 million."

"The vast majority of it is being paid with our reserves, our financial reserves, which we have over $1 billion in reserves now" said LU Chancellor, Jerry Falwell Jr.

Falwell says the $400 million project won't be paid for through tuition increases, only reserves and bonds.

It's the master plan he says that's finally taking this campus into the 21st century.

"Not a single building that was there when I was a student in the early 80s will be there when we're done" said Falwell.

And in order to accommodate the growth in student population, Liberty is planning to build both brand new dorms, as well as a new, 2,500 vehicle parking garage.

Plans for the project's completion are set for the year 2020.